2022 Good Friday Prayer About the Cross (Based on John 19:17-18)

Author: Elton Streyle, Contributor: Noah, Photography and Editing: Ali

Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ Name, thank you for what Good Friday stands for: Jesus’ horrific death on the cross for my sins, and all the sins of the world. John 19:17-18And He, bearing His cross, went out to a place called the Place of a Skull, which is called in Hebrew, Golgotha, where they crucified Him, and two others with Him, one on either side, and Jesus in the center.” Forgive me for the times I would rather skip reading and meditating on that horrible day of suffering in Jesus’ life and read about the glorious day of Easter instead.

Good Friday is very critical in the whole Easter story. Without it, there would be no Easter. Direct me to understand the full meaning of what happened on both those days. 1 Corinthians 15:4And that He was buried, and He rose again on the third day according to the Scriptures.” It is a blessing that as much as our culture hates to hear about the cross and Jesus’ blood and what it stands for, it is still the only way of cleansing all the sin in this decadent world. Your Word (the Bible) makes it clear that it is the blood of the lamb (Jesus) that cleanses me from all sin. Thank you for the beautiful song, The Old Rugged Cross, that summarizes all that happened on Good Friday.

On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross, the emblem of suffering and shame; and I love that old cross where the dearest and best, for a world of lost sinners was slain. In the old rugged cross, stained with blood so divine, a wonderous beauty I see; for it ’twas on that old cross Jesus suffered and died, to pardon and sanctify me.”       

Thank you for the glory of next week, Easter and the Resurrection. Amen.

2 thoughts on “2022 Good Friday Prayer About the Cross (Based on John 19:17-18)

  1. “HOLY TRINITY I want to thank YOU ALL for all the WONDERFUL MESSAGES on YOUR PAGE! It has changed me! Plus it even made me cry! So keep doing what YOU do saving soul’s & for giving us better lives just by pleasing YOU all! #SaveAllBabiesFromDeath KJV EXODUS 20:13 & DEUTERONOMY 5:17

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