Prayer Index


  1. Prayer for Comfort During Grief
  2. The Goodness of God
  3. Prayer for Children and Grandchildren
  4. God’s Comfort: “For My yoke is easy…”
  5. God’s Unlimited Foresight
  6. Living With the Joy of the Lord
  7. Praying for Children and Grandchildren Experiencing Temptation
  8. God as My Fortress and Refuge
  9. Election Prayer
  10. God’s Purpose in Our Trials and Suffering
  11. Living in God’s Presence
  12. God’s Power
  13. Jesus, the Light of the World
  14. Renewing the Mind
  15. Developing Faith in God
  16. Praying for God’s Knowledge and Power for Chilndren and Grandchildren
  17. God’s Wonderful Deliverance for a Believer
  18. Contentment in the Lord
  19. Humility in the Christian Life
  20. God’s Morning Plan
  21. Receiving Grace from God
  22. Praying Words from the Psalms
  23. God’s Holiness in the Believer’s Life
  24. Giving Praise and Glory to God for His Goodness
  25. Relying on God’s Wisdom
  26. Truth in the Christian Life
  27. Giving Praise to the Lord
  28. Prayer for Comfort in These Troubling Times
  29. Trusting God in Difficult Times: A Prayer Based on Psalm 86
  30. God’s Faithfulness to His Word
  31. Looking Back for Encouragement to Go Forward
  32. God’s Empowerment
  33. God, the Leader Over All Situations
  34. The Blessing of God’s Love
  35. Prayer on Hope and Trust
  36. Waiting on God’s Timetable
  37. Living Under God’s Vigilance
  38. God’s Unchanging Love
  39. The Influence of God’s Word in My Life
  40. Instruction for the Christian Life
  41. The Power of God’s Written Word
  42. Praying Words from the Psalms
  43. Hearing From God
  44. God’s Sufficiency for the Christian
  45. Loved by God
  46. Being Obedient to God
  47. Prayer Based on Psalm 23
  48. Overcoming the Destruction of Pride
  49. God’s Providential Comfort
  50. Prayer in Extreme Circumstances: A Prayer Based on Proverbs 3:5-6
  51. God as Counselor
  52. God’s Interest in My Future
  53. Using the Armor of God in the Battle Against the Schemes of the Enemy
  54. Giving All Our Burdens to the Lord
  55. Overcoming the Feeling of Revenge When Hurt or Offended
  56. Knowing God’s Way to Obtaining Spiritual Discernment
  57. Prayer for Unbelieving Loved Ones and Friends
  58. Wisdom Given by God
  59. Living Under the Sovereignty of God
  60.  Christian Love for Others
  61. Responding to God’s Instruction
  62. Inquiring of God: A Prayer Based on 1 Chronicles 14:8-17
  63. Comfort, Blessing and Peace of Mind
  64. Scriptures to Pray for Children, Grandchildren, and Children of Loved Ones and Friends
  65. The Blessings of Forgiveness and Cleansing
  66. Guarding the Words of My Mouth
  67. Giving Praise and Thanks to God for Scripture Promises
  68. Utilizing the Power of Scripture
  69. A Prayer Based on Psalm 27
  70. Drawing Close to God
  71. God Listens to Those Who Call
  72. Experiencing the Blessing of New Life in Christ
  73. Right Priorities and Encouragement from God for Expanding His Kingdom: A Prayer Based on the Book of Haggai
  74. Prayer for Control Over Temptation
  75. Man’s Importance in God’s Eyes
  76. Prayer on Overcoming Doubt
  77. Thanks for the Comfort and Advantages for the Believer who has Faith in God
  78. God’s Defense for Believers
  79. A Believer’s Prayer for God’s Protection from Evil
  80. Jesus, the Prince of Peace
  81. The Work of Angels for Believers
  82. Prayer for Victory Over Fear
  83. Prayer of Thanks for the Amazing Things God Does for Believers in Jesus
  84. Prayer Regarding Comfort When Resting in God
  85. Prayer About Jesus as My Watchful Shepherd
  86. A Prayer Based on Psalm 145 for When Burdens Seem More Than I Can Carry
  87. Prayer for Anger Control by Using God’s Counsel
  88. Prayer on the Advantages of Living With an Eternal Perspective
  89. Prayer for Taking Control of Worry
  90. Prayer for Wise, Godly Learning Versus Foolish Failure
  91. Prayer About the Work of the Indwelling Holy Spirit
  92. Prayer for Strengthening a Believer’s Faith in Christ by Looking at God’s Historical Evidence in the Bible
  93. Prayer by Using the Sword of the Spirit
  94. Prayer on Living in Unity With Others Through Jesus Christ
  95. Prayer on Submitting Life to God’s Control
  96. 6 Prayer Points for Living for God Found in Colossians 3:2-17
  97. Comfort from God’s Mighty Word During the Coronavirus Crisis
  98. Prayer About Trusting in God as My Fortress and Refuge During the Coronavirus Crisis
  99. Prayer Using Philippians 4:4-9 for Experiencing the Joy of the Lord Versus Temporary Happiness
  100. Prayer from Psalm 34 on Crying Out to the Lord During Trouble
  101. Coronavirus Prayer of Comfort
  102. Prayer About 4 of God’s Overflowing Kindnesses
  103. Prayer About Being Prepared for the End of Physical Life
  104. Prayer About the Gift of God’s Grace
  105. God’s 3 Steps for Encouragement from Him
  106. Prayer About the Two Greatest Changes When Becoming a Christian
  107. Prayer on 1 Thessalonians 5:12-22 Characteristics for Living an Encouraging Life
  108. Prayer About the Power of Praise by a Christian
  109. Prayer About Living in Anticipation of Jesus Christ’s Return
  110. Prayer on Psalm 1: The Way of the Righteous vs. the Way of the Ungodly
  111. Prayer from Hebrews 12:1-13 About Accepting God’s Discipline as Part of His Love
  112. Prayer About Jesus Christ, the Victor Over Satan
  113. God, Our Burden Bearer
  114. Prayer Points for Drawing Close to God Based on James 4:7-12
  115. Praying for Fellow Believers Using God’s Word
  116. Prayer Based on Psalm 25 About Seeking God’s Guidance
  117. Prayer About God’s Enabling Grace in Difficult Times
  118. The Believer’s Gift of God’s Righteousness Through Jesus Christ
  119. Prayer from Psalm 32 About the Blessing of a Pure Heart
  120. Praise and Thanks for the Gift of Being God’s Child
  121. Prayer Lessons in Difficult Times (Based on Psalm 13)
  122. Prayer About the Importance of Reverence for God
  123. God’s Discontentment With Pride
  124. Prayer Based on Proverbs 3:5-6
  125. Prayer About the Spirit of Honor
  126. Prayer Based on Proverbs 2 for Gaining Wisdom from God
  127. Prayer Using Powerful Scripture Promises for Looking Forward
  128. Prayer About God, Our Only True Source of Protection
  129. God’s Gift of Courageous and Consistent Faith Based on Joshua 1:1-9
  130. God’s Desire for a Believer’s Complete Commitment to Him
  131. Prayer About Being a Partaker of God’s Divine Nature Based on 2 Peter 1:1-10
  132. Prayer Asking for a Hedge of Protection Around Loved Ones and Friends
  133. Prayer About Jesus’ Teaching for Believers in the Sermon on the Mount on the Power of Influence
  134. Prayer About the Apostle Paul’s Direction for Believers Living in a Divided and Decadent Nation
  135. Prayer of Dependence on God in Times of Stress (Based on Psalm 31)
  136. Prayer About Keeping My Mind on a Positive Track
  137. Prayer About Resting in God’s Mercy and Grace
  138. Prayer About Jesus’ Teaching on Worry in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:25-34)
  139. Prayer About Coming Joyfully Into God’s Presence (Based on Psalm 100)
  140. God’s Growing Process for Christian Believers
  141. Trusting God to be in Control of Everything (Based on Romans 8:28)
  142. Prayer About the Wonder and Beauty of God’s Amazing Grace
  143. Prayer of Praise About the Work of the Holy Spirit in the Life of a Born Again Believer in Jesus Christ
  144. Prayer About Jesus Calming the Storms of Life (Based on Mathew 8:23-27)
  145. Prayer About Overcoming the Power of Self
  146. Hope in the Lord During These Very Uncertain Times (Based on Romans 8:22-29)
  147. Prayer Calling on God in Times of Trouble (Based on Jeremiah 33:3)
  148. Gaining Courage by Looking Back at God’s Past Actions (Based on Psalm 77)
  149. God’s Promise to Uphold Believers in Jesus Christ (Based on Isaiah 41:10)
  150. Giving Thanks in the Midst of Chaos, Confusion, and Heartache in the World (Based on 1 Thess. 5:18 and Eph. 5:20)
  151. Prayer About the Power and Danger of Enticement
  152. Dwelling in the Rest That God Provides (Based on Hebrews 4:1-12)
  153. Prayer About the Lord, My Peace
  154. Prayer About the Battle Belonging to the Lord
  155. Going Forward Under the Control and Power of the Holy Spirit (Based on Galatians 5:16-26)
  156. Prayer About Gaining All the Benefits from Our Trials (based on James 1:2-11)
  157. Prayer About God’s Protection When We Face Danger (Based on Psalm 91)
  158. Prayer About Receiving and Giving God’s Love (Based on 1 John 4:7-11)
  159. Morning Prayer of Praise About God’s Wonderful Attributes
  160. Prayer About Abiding in Jesus Christ (Based on John 15:1-17)
  161. Intercessory Prayer for the Ukrainian and Russian People
  162. Intercessory Prayer for World Leaders During the Ukraine and Russia War
  163. An Urgent Message and Prayer for Loved Ones and Friends Who Need a Personal, Saving Relationship with Jesus Christ
  164. The Blessing of Listening to and Obeying God’s Word
  165. Prayer About the Blessing of Being a Child of the All-Knowing God (Based on Psalm 139:1-14)
  166. Urgent Prayer for the Aid Workers in the Ukraine and Russia War
  167. Intercessory Prayer for Children, Grandchildren, Loved Ones, and Friends (Based on Colossians1:9-14)
  168. Prayer About Developing a Spiritual Mindset
  169. Prayer Pertaining to the Bible’s Teaching About Seeking God
  170. Prayer About the Apostle Paul’s Guidelines for Satisfaction With What We Have (Based on 1 Timothy 6:6-11)
  171. God’s Perfect Gifts for a Believer in Jesus Christ (Based on James 1:17)
  172. God’s Spiritual Discernment for the Believer in Jesus Christ
  173. Prayer About Anxiousness Post-Pandemic, Lockdowns, and World Uncertainty (Based on Luke 12:22-34)
  174. Prayer About How God Loves Us, How We Should Love Him, and How We Should Love Others
  175. Prayer About Staying True and Faithful to God and His Word (Based on the Book of Jude)
  176. Prayer About the Importance of Worshiping and Praising God (Based on Psalm 66)
  177. Prayer About Overcoming Feelings of Inadequacy (Based on Exodus 4:10-13)
  178. Prayer for Times When You’re Feeling Down and Discouraged (Based on Psalm 143)
  179. Prayer About God’s Protection and Peace (Based on Psalm 4)
  180. Prayer About Looking at the 10 Commandments Through the Eyes of God’s Love (Based on Exodus 20)
  181. God’s Great Action of Love and Encouragement for His Children (Based on Psalm 103)
  182. Prayer About God Filling Our Emptiness
  183. God’s Instruction for Christian Living Expressed by Paul (Based on Colossians 3:12-17)
  184. Prayer for Doing Difficult Tasks (Based on the Book of Nehemiah)
  185. Prayer About Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life (Based on John 14:6)
  186. Thanks and Praise to God for What the Names of Jesus Represent
  187. Prayer About Lessons from the Great Heroes of Faith (Based on Hebrews 11)
  188. Prayer of Thanksgiving for God’s Promises
  189. Attributes of God to Keep in Mind When Praying About Chaotic Situations in Life and the World (Based on Joshua 1:9)
  190. Prayer About Living in the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ (Based on John 8:12)
  191. Psalm 86 as a Prayer Guide for Talking to God
  192. Jesus’ Instruction for Believers on How to Build a Godly Life Based on Him (Matthew 7:24-25)
  193. Prayer About Living by God’s Wisdom (Based on Psalm 111)
  194. Jesus’ Teaching About Prayer (Based on Luke 11:1-4)
  195. The Blessing of Hope (Certainty) in God for Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ
  196. Prayer About God, Our Helpful Heavenly Father (Based on Isaiah 41:10)

Holiday and Special Day Prayers

  1. Fourth of July Prayer: the Restoration of America
  2. Thanksgiving Prayer
  3. A Christmas Prayer
  4. Christmas Eve Prayer and Meditation
  5. New Year’s Prayer for 2017
  6. Easter Thanksgiving and Praise
  7. Giving Thanks for a Mother’s Love
  8. Prayer for Graduates
  9. Memorial Day Prayer
  10. A Father’s Prayer
  11. 4th of July Prayer
  12. Back to School Prayer
  13. Prayer About the Eclipse
  14. Grandparent’s Day Prayer
  15. A Thanksgiving Prayer
  16. Christmas Prayer
  17. New Year’s Prayer for 2018
  18. Easter Blessings
  19. Mother’s Day Prayer of Tribute
  20. Prayer for Graduates
  21. Memorial Day Prayer: Honoring Those Who Have Passed On
  22. Father’s Day Prayer and Tribute
  23. 4th of July Prayer in Appreciation of Our Freedoms
  24. A Prayer for the New School Year
  25. Prayer for 2018 Election
  26. Thanksgiving Prayer 2018
  27. Christmas Prayer 2018
  28. New Year’s Prayer 2019
  29. 2019 Easter Prayer
  30. 2019 Mother’s Day Prayer
  31. 2019 Memorial Day Prayer
  32. 2019 Father’s Day Prayer and Tribute
  33. 2019 4th of July Prayer
  34. 2019 Back to School Prayer
  35. 2019 Prayer of Appreciation for Pastors and Staff
  36. 2019 Thanksgiving Prayer
  37. Prayer for Our Nation and its Leaders
  38. Prayer for Christmas 2019
  39. Prayer for New Year’s 2020
  40. Prayer About Valentine’s Day as a Reminder of God’s Love
  41. 2020 Easter Prayer on Accepting the Events Around Easter for New Life in Christ
  42. Mother’s Day 2020
  43. Memorial Day Appreciation Prayer 2020
  44. Father’s Day Prayer 2020
  45. 2020 4th of July Prayer
  46. Back to School Prayer with Coronavirus Concerns
  47. Prayer for the 2020 Election
  48. 2020 Thanksgiving Prayer
  49. 2020 Christmas Prayer: God’s Gift to Mankind
  50. Christmas Eve Prayer and Meditation
  51. 2021 New Year’s Prayer
  52. Prayer About Valentine’s Day as a Reminder of God’s Love
  53. 2021 Easter Prayer: Characteristics of Jesus’ Birth and Resurrection
  54. 2021 Mother’s Day Prayer
  55. 2021 Prayer for Graduates
  56. 2021 Memorial Day Prayer Honoring Those Who Have Sacrificed Their Lives
  57. 2021 Father’s Day Prayer of Honor and Respect
  58. 2021 4th of July Prayer
  59. 2021 School Prayer for All Who Are Involved in Education (Leaders, Teachers, Parents, and Students)
  60. 2021 Thanksgiving Prayer
  61. 2021 Christmas Prayer: God’s Special Gift of Salvation for Believers
  62. 2022 New Year’s Prayer: Trusting in God’s Sovereignty for the Future
  63. Prayer About Valentine’s Day as a Reminder of God’s Love
  64. 2022 Good Friday Prayer About the Cross (Based on John 19:17-18)
  65. 2022 Easter Prayer: The Power of the Resurrection
  66. 2022 Mother’s Day Prayer
  67. 2022 Memorial Day Prayer Honoring Those Who Gave Their Lives for Others
  68. 2022 Prayer for Graduates
  69. 2022 Father’s Day Prayer
  70. 2022 4th of July Prayer
  71. 2022 Thanksgiving Prayer for All Times
  72. 2022 Christmas Prayer (Based on Isaiah 9:6)
  73. 2023 New Year’s Prayer
  74. Using Valentine’s Day 2023 as a Reminder to Praise and Thank God for His Love (Based on 1 John 4:8)

Prayer Variations

  1. Utilizing the Power of Scripture
  2. Praying in Light of God’s Attributes
  3. A Method for a Believer’s Prayer of Confession: Part 1
  4. A Method for a Believer’s Prayer of Confession: Part 2
  5. “When Two Gather in My Name…” Praying Through Scripture Together
  6. Daily Yielding Control to God
  7. A Guide for Expanding and Personalizing the Lord’s Prayer: Matthew 6:9-18
  8. Combining Song, Prayer, and Scripture
  9. Peace and Joy for Believers Through Confession and Forgiveness
  10. Prayer Variation About Stopping Negative and Evil Actions at the Thought Stage
  11. Miniature Prayers #1
  12. Prayer for Yielding to the Holy Spirit
  13. Miniature Prayers #2
  14. Miniature Prayers #3
  15. Miniature Prayers #4
  16. Miniature Prayers #5
  17. Miniature Prayers #6
  18. Miniature Prayers #7
  19. Miniature Prayers #8
  20. Miniature Prayer #9
  21. Miniature Prayers #10
  22. Miniature Prayers #11
  23. Miniature Prayers #12
  24. Miniature Prayers #13
  25. Morning Prayer of Peace and Comfort
  26. Miniature Prayers #14
  27. Miniature Prayers #15
  28. Miniature Prayers #16
  29. Miniature Scripture Prayers #17
  30. Miniature Scripture Prayers #18
  31. Miniature Scripture Prayers #19
  32. Miniature Scripture Prayers #20
  33. Miniature Scripture Prayers #21
  34. Miniature Scripture Prayers #22
  35. Miniature Scripture Prayers #23
  36. Miniature Scripture Prayers #24
  37. Miniature Scripture Prayers #25
  38. Miniature Scripture Prayers #26
  39. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #27
  40. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #28
  41. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #29
  42. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #30
  43. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #31
  44. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #32
  45. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #33
  46. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #34
  47. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #35
  48. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #36
  49. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #37
  50. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #38
  51. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #39
  52. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #40
  53. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #41
  54. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #42
  55. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #43
  56. Miniature Specific Scripture Prayers #44

Other Content

  1. God’s Gift to Mankind (Salvation)

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