Prayer Index


  1. Prayer for Comfort During Grief
  2. The Goodness of God
  3. Prayer for Children and Grandchildren
  4. God’s Comfort: “For My yoke is easy…”
  5. Jesus, My Watchful Shepherd
  6. God’s Unlimited Foresight
  7. Living With the Joy of the Lord
  8. Praying for Children and Grandchildren Experiencing Temptation
  9. God as My Fortress and Refuge
  10. Election Prayer
  11. God’s Purpose in Our Trials and Suffering
  12. Living in God’s Presence
  13. God’s Power
  14. Jesus, the Light of the World
  15. Renewing the Mind
  16. Developing Faith in God
  17. Praying for God’s Knowledge and Power for Chilndren and Grandchildren
  18. God’s Wonderful Deliverance for a Believer
  19. Contentment in the Lord
  20. Humility in the Christian Life
  21. God’s Morning Plan
  22. Receiving Grace from God
  23. Praying Words from the Psalms
  24. God’s Holiness in the Believer’s Life
  25. Giving Praise and Glory to God for His Goodness
  26. Relying on God’s Wisdom
  27. Truth in the Christian Life
  28. Giving Praise to the Lord
  29. Prayer for Comfort in These Troubling Times
  30. Trusting God in Difficult Times: A Prayer Based on Psalm 86
  31. God’s Faithfulness to His Word
  32. Looking Back for Encouragement to Go Forward
  33. God’s Empowerment
  34. God, the Leader Over All Situations
  35. The Blessing of God’s Love
  36. Prayer on Hope and Trust
  37. Waiting on God’s Timetable
  38. Living Under God’s Vigilance
  39. God’s Unchanging Love
  40. The Influence of God’s Word in My Life
  41. Instruction for the Christian Life
  42. The Power of God’s Written Word
  43. Praying Words from the Psalms
  44. Hearing From God
  45. God’s Sufficiency for the Christian
  46. Loved by God
  47. Being Obedient to God
  48. Prayer Based on Psalm 23
  49. Overcoming the Destruction of Pride
  50. God’s Providential Comfort
  51. Prayer in Extreme Circumstances: A Prayer Based on Proverbs 3:5-6
  52. God as Counselor
  53. God’s Interest in My Future
  54. Using the Armor of God in the Battle Against the Schemes of the Enemy
  55. Giving All Our Burdens to the Lord
  56. Overcoming the Feeling of Revenge When Hurt or Offended
  57. Knowing God’s Way to Obtaining Spiritual Discernment
  58. Prayer for Unbelieving Loved Ones and Friends
  59. Wisdom Given by God
  60. Living Under the Sovereignty of God
  61.  Christian Love for Others
  62. Responding to God’s Instruction
  63. Inquiring of God: A Prayer Based on 1 Chronicles 14:8-17
  64. Comfort, Blessing and Peace of Mind
  65. Scriptures to Pray for Children, Grandchildren, and Children of Loved Ones and Friends
  66. The Blessings of Forgiveness and Cleansing
  67. Guarding the Words of My Mouth
  68. Giving Praise and Thanks to God for Scripture Promises
  69. Utilizing the Power of Scripture
  70. A Prayer Based on Psalm 27
  71. Drawing Close to God
  72. God Listens to Those Who Call
  73. Experiencing the Blessing of New Life in Christ
  74. Right Priorities and Encouragement from God for Expanding His Kingdom: A Prayer Based on the Book of Haggai
  75. Prayer for Control Over Temptation
  76. Man’s Importance in God’s Eyes
  77. Prayer on Overcoming Doubt
  78. Thanks for the Comfort and Advantages for the Believer who has Faith in God

Holiday and Special Day Prayers

  1. Fourth of July Prayer: the Restoration of America
  2. Thanksgiving Prayer
  3. A Christmas Prayer
  4. Christmas Eve Prayer and Meditation
  5. New Year’s Prayer for 2017
  6. Easter Thanksgiving and Praise
  7. Giving Thanks for a Mother’s Love
  8. Prayer for Graduates
  9. Memorial Day Prayer
  10. A Father’s Prayer
  11. 4th of July Prayer
  12. Back to School Prayer
  13. Prayer About the Eclipse
  14. Grandparent’s Day Prayer
  15. A Thanksgiving Prayer
  16. Christmas Prayer
  17. New Year’s Prayer for 2018
  18. Easter Blessings
  19. Mother’s Day Prayer of Tribute
  20. Prayer for Graduates
  21. Memorial Day Prayer: Honoring Those Who Have Passed On
  22. Father’s Day Prayer and Tribute
  23. 4th of July Prayer in Appreciation of Our Freedoms
  24. A Prayer for the New School Year
  25. Prayer for 2018 Election
  26. Thanksgiving Prayer 2018
  27. Christmas Prayer 2018
  28. New Year’s Prayer 2019
  29. 2019 Easter Prayer
  30. 2019 Mother’s Day Prayer
  31. 2019 Memorial Day Prayer
  32. 2019 Father’s Day Prayer and Tribute
  33. 2019 4th of July Prayer

Prayer Variations

  1. Utilizing the Power of Scripture
  2. Praying in Light of God’s Attributes
  3. A Method for a Believer’s Prayer of Confession: Part 1
  4. A Method for a Believer’s Prayer of Confession: Part 2
  5. “When Two Gather in My Name…” Praying Through Scripture Together
  6. Daily Yielding Control to God
  7. A Guide for Expanding and Personalizing the Lord’s Prayer: Matthew 6:9-18
  8. Combining Song, Prayer, and Scripture
  9. Peace and Joy for Believers Through Confession and Forgiveness
  10. Miniature Prayers #1
  11. Prayer for Yielding to the Holy Spirit
  12. Miniature Prayers #2
  13. Miniature Prayers #3
  14. Miniature Prayers #4
  15. Miniature Prayers #5
  16. Miniature Prayers #6
  17. Miniature Prayers #7
  18. Miniature Prayers #8
  19. Miniature Prayer #9
  20. Miniature Prayers #10
  21. Miniature Prayers #11
  22. Miniature Prayers #12
  23. Miniature Prayers #13
  24. Morning Prayer of Peace and Comfort
  25. Miniature Prayers #14
  26. Miniature Prayers #15
  27. Miniature Prayers #16
  28. Miniature Scripture Prayers #17
  29. Miniature Scripture Prayers #18
  30. Miniature Scripture Prayers #19

Other Content

  1. God’s Gift to Mankind (Salvation)







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